6 Kid-Friendly Storage Ideas & Solutions

Child’s bedroom with bean bag and footballs

At times, having a clean and tidy house with kids can feel unimaginable, but we’re here to tell you that it is possible! So what’s the trick?

Encouraging your kids to tidy up their toys and clothes is so much easier when you have storage solutions designed with them in mind.

Traditional shelving and storage units might be easy for you to reach and use, but they could prove too high or cumbersome for your child.

In this guide we detail some of our favourite ideas for kid-friendly storage solutions, designed to help keep the house tidy and everybody happy.

1. Crates & Baskets

Perfect for storing toys and books, soft baskets and crates are a popular and aesthetically pleasing storage solution that, when kept on the floor or at low levels, can be very easy for children to access. Turn crates on their side and stack them to create small bookshelves (ensuring they are safely secured and anchored).

2. Floating Shelves

Not only are floating shelves a great way of showcasing your child’s favourite decorative items and artistic creations, but they can be used to create an easily-accessible mini library at their bedside or reading nook. Floating shelves are especially perfect for bunk beds, preventing children from having to climb up and down ladders to fetch and put away their books.

Child’s bedroom with floating shelf

3. Cubbies

Cubbies are one of our favourite child-friendly storage ideas. These neat and tidy pull-out boxes provide the perfect, easily accessible storage solution for children – just be sure to keep the boxes lightweight and easy for little hands to pull out.

With multiple cubbies, you can designate specific boxes to each of your children and/or for specific items. What’s more, cubby solutions such as these can easily be built into bench-style seating in your living room or mudroom, maximising your available space.

Living room with child’s cubbies

4. Work Stations

Whether your child enjoys craft activities or does homework after school, giving them a dedicated work space can boost their productivity. Surround their space with easily accessible floating shelves, hanging pegs or baskets and crates so that it is easy for them to access and tidy away their supplies. Display their artwork nearby using frames, clipboards or a safely secured string with pegs.

Child’s bedroom with desk and floating shelves

5. Jar Storage

One storage solution you might choose to use around your child’s work station are labelled jars (wide-mouth plastic jars are likely safest, but mason jars and apothecary jars are an aesthetically pleasing option if safe to use).

Fill your jars with craft supplies such as pom poms, sequins, buttons and pipe cleaners, and label using blackboard stickers and chalk pens. This clever tip will keep craft supplies tidy and you will be able to see at a glance what needs to be replenished.

If displaying your craft jars on a shelf, ensure it is strong enough to take the weight, especially if over your child’s desk.

6. Wardrobe Space

Designing and fitting creative wardrobe solutions is one of our specialities. However there are a number of extra things to consider when choosing the right wardrobe for your child’s bedroom.

Firstly, ask your child how they feel about their closet. It can be a big and even scary place for a small child. If they fear it houses monsters, perhaps having an open storage solution without doors might work best? Having an easily accessible hanging rail and drawers will make it easier for your child to choose their own clothing and put garments away.

If your child sees their wardrobe as a place for adventure, consider making it even more fun with built-in nooks, hideaways and bookshelves. Let your child’s imagination run wild as they read, hide and play.

Whatever kid-friendly storage solutions you opt for, always ensure they are safely anchored, age appropriate for your child and fully baby or child proofed to prevent them presenting a health and safety hazard.

Child’s bedroom with built-in wardrobe and nook

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