FebruaryFavourites For 2020: 4 Rooms Of Design Inspiration

This month we are delighted to bring you our #februaryfavourites. Join us on a trend-led journey through four key areas of your home – bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and home office.

Bathroom #FebruaryFavourites

How your bathroom can boost your wellbeing

According to Elle Decor, bathrooms are far more than just functional. A well-designed bathroom is a place of sanctuary – the perfect escape to de-stress and feel rejuvenated. But how can we create such a treasured place?

How can I achieve it? | Relax and unwind with muted, natural wall colours. Opt for round edges – think roll-top baths and round mirrors – and boundary free showers. Choose natural materials with grained wood and veined marble. Be clever with storage and keep clutter to a minimum.

How to create a spa at home

Inspiration comes from all kinds of places. That’s why we’ve taken a closer look at Shani Darden’s LA-based skin-care studio – a light and airy, dream-like salon and the perfect place to inspire the creation of your spa experience at home.

How can I achieve it? | Find your unique design philosophy (i.e. fusing Scandinavian and Japanese interior styles together). Start with a clean and minimal foundation (later adding depth and warmth with organic shapes and textures). Keep it natural with matt beige, pale pink and ivory (instead of especially glossy or refined surfaces). Focus on negative space, creating a light and airy feeling (by taking a ‘less is more’ approach to furnishing).

How to light your bathroom well

Whether you’re applying make-up, trying to shave, or enjoying a relaxing bath – you will know that lighting can make or break your bathroom experience. Fortunately Elle Decor has published a thought piece designed to shine a light on all you need to know.

How can I achieve it? | Firstly think about how much natural daylight there is in your bathroom and how you use the room. Choose lighting that gives you the closest colour to natural daylight in the places you need it. Light bathroom mirrors evenly from both sides to minimise shadows. Create ambience with recessed lights behind opaque panels. Control bathroom lighting via at least two different circuits – one for downlights, one for wall lights – and use dimmers to create different moods.

Bathroom Brand Focus: Mereway Vogue Vintage

Mereway Vogue Vintage at Forever Spaces

Showcasing many of the elements from our bathroom #FebruaryFavourites is the Mereway Vogue Vintage bathroom. With its natural wall colours, wood grained finish, boundary free shower and ample storage – this bathroom has all the features of an at-home spa. Lights have been installed evenly over the mirror to make practical tasks such as shaving and applying make-up easier, and minimised over the bath to aid relaxation.

Forever Spaces Bathrooms At Home

Want to create your own home spa experience? Book a free on-site design consultation with our expert team to discover what’s possible.

Bedroom #FebruaryFavourites

How to create the best environment for sleep

Sleep science authority, The Sleep Foundation, has used its decades of experience to create a helpful guide detailing how to create the best environment for sleep.

How can I achieve it? | Dim the lights in your home an hour before you go to bed. Ensure your bedroom is tidy to help you relax. Find the right room temperature for you. Think about your mattress, pillows and sheets – do you find them comfortable? Minimise background noise as much as possible. Try aromatherapy – lavender fragrances can help ease you into sleep.

How to make effective use of your sleeping space

With space increasingly at a premium, many of us are making the most of smaller spaces. The Never Too Small YouTube series highlights the very best of small space architecture and provides stunning inspiration for your own underutilised spaces.

How can I achieve it? | In open plan or smaller living spaces, use sliding screens to create flexible separation. No space for bedside tables? Try building bedside nooks, with integrated lighting, into your wall cavity. Raise your bed to permit ample under-bed drawer storage. Minimise the colour palette in your space, keeping it neutral. Create a luxurious feel with concealed lighting.

How to sleep under the stars

Even if you aren’t blessed with the stunning surroundings of the Harlosh Black H on Skye there is still much we can learn from its stunning design when it comes to bringing the magical night sky indoors.

How can I achieve it? | Invite the outdoors in with floor-to-ceiling windows. Position your bed directly in front of your bedroom’s view. Keep the view pristine by opting for motorised black out blinds and consider creating a smart recess in the ceiling for their storage.

Bedroom Brand Focus: Elise Contemporary Floating Bedside Drawer Cameo

Elise Bedroom Furniture at Forever Spaces

Creating space and luxury is this floating bedside table from Elise. As a contemporary storage solution it offers the serenity created by clean lines and clutter-free surfaces. Keep its natural materials palette consistent with the rest of your room for an overall softening of the space.

Kitchen #FebruaryFavourites

How to find your ‘right-size’ living

Our homes should be our sanctuary, not a source of stress. If your house is starting to get on top of you, it might be worth assessing how you use the space and redesigning your rooms to fit how you and your family live.

How can I achieve it? | Make your kitchen look longer with far-reaching surfaces. Ensure your storage solutions are versatile enough to accommodate many different items. Make the most of all spaces, no matter how small, with hidden drawers, cupboards and recesses.

How to organise your pantry like a pro

If you’re into home organisation and haven’t yet seen the Home Edit, now is the time. From organising closets to playrooms and pantries – it’s little wonder they are home organisers to the stars. However you don’t have to live in LA to adopt their wise philosophy.

How can I achieve it? | Store loose pantry items such as pasta, grains and cereal in transparent canisters or clip-top jars. Group similar packaged products together in baskets and acrylic bins to make searching, stock rotation and cleaning simpler. Arrange smaller items (such as spice jars) on turntables or lazy susans, making the most of your space. Label all of your containers consistently to help maintain your pantry organisation.

Why doing your laundry never needs to be dull again

What can we learn from a bright yellow laundromat on the Hudson River? Apart from being highly aesthetically pleasing, the Germantown Laundromat is a sustainability-focused textiles hub across the Atlantic which has made us think about how we can inject a little more levity into our daily chores whilst also thinking about the planet.

How can I achieve it? | However big or small, create a designated laundry area with cleverly designed storage solutions and doors to hide it away. Inside add a ‘mend and repair’ station with your sewing kit/machine nearby, ready to fix garments while they’re top of your mind. Store laundry detergent in labelled, refillable containers to minimise plastics waste.

Kitchen Brand Focus: Mereway Storage Solutions & In Cabinet Options

Mereway Kitchens - Forever Spaces East Lothian

We love this neat and tidy laundry cupboard by Mereway Kitchens. It makes excellent use of available space by placing the dryer on top of the washing machine and creating flexible storage space in the surrounding area, including designated space for the iron, ironing board and that all important ‘mend and repair,’ station.

Forever Spaces Kitchens At Home

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Office #FebruaryFavourites

What we can learn about office design from WeWork

WeWork is known for redefining the coworking space. While kombucha on tap, DJ booths and half pipes might be beyond the reach of most home offices, there is a lot we can learn from WeWortk when it comes to work life integration and creativity in your home office space.

How can I achieve it? | Think about your work style – does a minimal space ease distractions, or would you prefer a ‘lounge’ style office space with a wall-to-wall library? Think about the view – if you have a garden or garden-facing office, consider optimising this space. Create room for work and play, with even a small fun or creative outlet in your home office.

Why feng-shui could boost prosperity

In parts of South Korea, developers are building inner-city artificial mountains in pursuit of feng-shui. While achieving inner-city green space might not always require such feats of engineering (or horticulture) the benefits of introducing more plant life in your environment are widely proven. This is just one aspect of feng-shui that could boost your home office.

How can I achieve it? | Design your home office with your success, well-being, and productivity in mind – including items that inspire you. Ensure you have plenty of natural light and air-purifying plants. Schedule clutter-clearing sessions to create a neat and tidy space and minimise the energy drain that clutter causes.

How to optimise your workspace for productivity

Whether you adopt feng-shui or the creative ideas demonstrated by WeWork, there are a number of small tweaks you can make to your home office to boost productivity. OnOffice Magazine has summarised 10 ways to make your home office work harder for you.

How can I achieve it? | Avoid heavy and bulky furniture, lighter alternatives offer more flexibility. Multipurpose spaces – such as sit-stand desks – can also accommodate your working needs as they change. Introduce a paperless workspace, removing paper notes and physical documents, opting instead for digital versions to minimise storage and clutter.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our #FebruaryFavourites series and have taken some design inspiration for your own space.

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