How to Create a Temporary Home Office from Scratch

Many of us have found ourselves working and schooling from home in recent days as we deal with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. As we try to find home offices for ourselves, partners and children, space has never been at more of a premium.

However, there are some simple ways that you can create good working environments for everyone at home by making effective use of what’s already in your house. There are two key recommendations when creating a productive and fulfilling work space at home:

  1. Designating every person working from home their own dedicated space for work, even this is on a rotation basis.
  2. Ensuring that each space can be easily closed or tidied away at the end of the work day and kept separate from everyone’s leisure time.

Home office setup

Home office in living room

Instead of being tempted to work from the couch, try allocating a certain portion of your living room for your day’s work, ideally away from where you plan to relax and unwind later. If you have a bay window, a small desk in this space would be great. Alternatively, a foldaway bureau offers a neat and tidy solution against an available wall.

Home office in garden room

If you’re fortunate to have a summer house, garden pod or even a well maintained shed, working from the garden is a great way to separate work and home life and enjoy the outdoors. If you don’t have a desk in these spaces, garden furniture could provide a temporary solution.

Home Office - Garden Room

Home office in bedroom

If a bedroom in your home (whether the master or a guest bedroom) offers the best space for your home office, then there are ways to make it work here too. Try to maintain separation from work and home life by choosing not to work from bed. Instead, a vanity unit could become a makeshift desk, provided you have a good chair to offer you lumbar support throughout the day.

Home office essentials

Home office without a desk

Even if you’re trying to accommodate home office space for two (or more), there are a number of creative ways you designate multiple work spaces without desks. Be inventive with the surfaces you have in your home – could you use a share of the dining table or breakfast bar? Do you have foldaway dinner or laptop tables?

Home Office - Kitchen

Home office without windows

You might have an underutilised box room that could be transformed into the perfect home office, whether it has windows or not. The key is to get the right home office lighting and ensure the room has plenty of fresh air circulating. Make the most of natural light by positioning mirrors to reflect natural light into the darker space. In addition, ensure you’re using the right bulbs in your box room – giving you enough light to see and work comfortably.

Home office without equipment

Missing your second screen at the office? Small TVs can be good alternatives if you have the right cables to connect them to your laptop. Don’t have a scanner? Search the app store on your smartphone – you’ll be surprised how effective scanner apps can be. Wish you had a whiteboard? Try InVision’s Freehand mode – it’s free, interactive and fun to use.

If you’re considering making an office a permanent fixture in your home, our expert team is here to help with virtual consultations.

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