Bespoke living spaces, East Lothian

From home offices to bedrooms

Modern lifestyles mean that our work life and home life are more closely connected than ever. Remote working is often a preferred way to balance work and personal. At Forever Spaces, we know the importance of creating productive spaces for work and serene spaces for relaxing. We can create these spaces all under one roof. From bespoke home offices that work as hard as you do to beautiful bedrooms that encourage you to truly unwind.

Bespoke home offices

The key to working from home successfully lies in creating a usable, professional space that is separate from the rest of your living areas. How you work will help us to plan the ideal location for your home office. The key areas we can help you with are:

  • Fitted home office furniture
  • Bespoke home library and office
  • Modern studies
  • Dual office spaces
  • Contemporary home offices
  • Loft home office
  • Garden office or study

Lounges and living rooms

The living room is a relaxing room for the family to get together. We offer bespoke solutions to match your lifestyle to ensure this room, is relaxing, organised, sleek and stylish. At Forever Spaces everything is designed around you. We offer:

  • Cinema rooms
  • Open plan living spaces
  • Bespoke tv units and furniture
  • Reading rooms
  • Sloped ceiling storage
  • Modern lounges

Other areas

In and amongst the main living areas of the home, we offer storage solutions and fully furnished room options for the following areas, which offer practical, elegant and essential storage for the following areas:

  • Utilities
  • Boot rooms
  • Porches
  • Cloakroom
  • Hallways
  • Summer houses
  • Dining room

Bespoke home showroom, East Lothian

Based in Haddington, East Lothian, the Forever Spaces showroom is home to locally acquired interior design solutions for studies, home offices and general living areas. Feature brands include: Komandor, Mereway, PWS, Trend, Schuller C furniture similar to Neville Johnson.

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