Mobility bathrooms, East Lothian

Bath to shower conversions

Stepping over the height of a bath side panel to get into a bath can be difficult and unsafe. We offer a solution whereby we take out the bath and install a shower, which you can easily walk into. This make the experience safer and enables your mobility in your bathroom.


Wetrooms enable a seamless entry into the showering area of any bathroom, as the floor and shower tray is on the same level. This reduces entry issues and enables a whole room to be watertight. We love them because then enable:

  • Bigger showering areas
  • Larger shower heads
  • Dual showers
  • Shower seats
  • Better accessibility
  • Allows for assisted care

Easy to access bathrooms

We also offer bathrooms with accessibility built into them such as:

  • Comfort height toilets
  • Mobility basins
  • Grab rails
  • Accessible storage
  • Movement focus lighting
  • Walk-in baths