Top 9 Interior Trends For 2020

Ever-changing macro factors are influencing every aspect of our lives – including our interiors. With home decor now linked closely with self-care, it is unsurprising that we are tending to our environments with increased attention. A desire for more with less, conscious consumerism and natural materials are shaping the interiors landscape for 2020.

1. Kitchen Gardens

Ever since we started installing bifolding doors in our social spaces, bringing the outside in has been at the front of everyone’s minds. Whether you opt for a kitchen garden, desktop succulent or macrame pot holder, living plants do much for the freshness and vitality of a space. Struggle to keep them alive? Botanical prints make a good alternative.

2. Brutalist Revival

Brutalist Concrete Interior Flooring

The brutalist revival prompted a new found appreciation for concrete. A quick fix for floors, countertops and backboards, it adds a metropolitan finish to a variety of interior styles. Now with enhanced printing techniques, achieving the urban concrete-effect has never been easier. This is perhaps why concrete-effect surfaces have become more prominent in designer collections. A material that only gets stronger with age – concrete is here to stay.

3. Recycled Materials

Next time throw something in the skip, give it a second thought. Even if you don’t have a use for it in your current renovation, would someone else? Reclaimed and recycled materials have become increasingly popular as we become more environmentally and economically conscious. Old carcasses might only need new doors, whilst unit doors could be completely transformed with paint and new handles (think copper or tarnished brass to keep them on trend).

4. Modern Profiles

Modern Kitchen Profiles

It isn’t just the tech in our homes and pockets that are decreasing in depth. Hectic schedules and busy lives are leading us to opt for paired back and minimal interiors in search of calm. From decluttered spaces with efficient storage solutions to ultra-thin countertops, this appealing aesthetic offers a clean and sharp look.

5. New Neutrals

There’s no better way to futureproof your colour palette than by choosing neutral tones. The popular chalk palette has graduated, with stone colours now in the fore. Contemporary designs are opting for dark shades such as graphite. Stone variations make versatile and customisable foundations for a variety of interiors.

6. Choosing Wood

Wood panelling

The recent trend of plywood wall panelling and kitchen cupboards may leave many of us unsure, however wood (in all its forms) continues to be a grounding feature in the home. Naturally pale tones can give a space warmth, creating clean and comfortable interiors.

7. Handcrafted Furniture

The carbon value of materials has never been so great. As such we are increasingly looking to minimise waste and avoid excess. From open or free-standing shelving and custom-made features to reclaimed furniture, thrifty interiors enthusiasts are upcycling and crafting wherever possible – making their own personal mark in the process.

8. Personalisation

Personalised kitchen interior

The love of customisation has surged across home and lifestyle trends. From personalised prints to hand-drawn sketches, there is plenty of room for truly making a space our own. Playful choices in print and colour have extended themselves from our walls to our linens and now are reflected in highly popular talavera tiles.

9. Embracing Contrast

Set your space apart visually by mixing up textures and colours. Think matt kitchen cupboards with glossy countertops, or boldly contrasting colours, such as Pantone’s bejeweled 2013 Colour of the Year ‘Emerald,’ with its 2016 blush successor ‘Rose Quartz.’


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